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This book - turned - movie offers BALI plenty of opportunities... what does it offer YOU?

So, I remember growing up –  my family would travel to the Outer Banks of NC for vacation every year.  We would spend two weeks there.  ONE – with just my Mom, Dad, brother and me and the second week we would spend at the HOUSE ON THE HILL… with all of my aunts, cousins and family on my Mom’s side.  I can’t imagine any of us having less than warm, fuzzy and fun memories of those summer days.

BUT, the woman who owned the HOUSE ON THE HILL was also family – in – law… so she would stop by very occasionally and she was really, um…. something.  Eccentric?  No. That doesn’t quite cover it.  Thrifty?  Nope – that doesn’t do her justice either.  Words escape me, so I’ll just share two truths to give you a quick picture of this woman.

When my 10 year old brother and our two male cousins came in for a snack, she literally broke ONE OREO in thirds and sat them down at the table to consume it.  Then, she set about the task of washing the paper towels they used, wringing them out, and hanging them on the line to dry.  Enough said?  Good.  Let’s move on.  =) =) Because I do have a point…

We have shared many (truly, kind-hearted) laughs at that dear woman’s expense, and all of her penny pinching ways… but I find that most entrepreneurs DO and SHOULD share that “use it once, wring it out, use it again” mentality she embodied daily.

I mean, on the entrepreneurial battlefield, we often eat what we kill, right?  We can’t afford NOT to squeeze every drop of potential, opportunity and profit out of each raw material we have. And make no mistake, the world around us… the media… Hollywood… natural events…. elections… our daily lives provide us enough “raw material” to keep our businesses going strong in ANY economy – if we would ONLY adopt this MAKE EVERYTHING GOOD TO THE LAST DROP mentality.  In fact, this mentality is something ALL incredible entrepreneurs have.

If you’ve followed my blog or me for any period of time, you know it is PAINFUL for me to recognize some BIG BUSINESS, BIG BRAND name for being a great example of the gritty, determined, guerrilla-like, warrior -minded club of entrepreneurs like us.  But, in this case I just have to….  And this week’s ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT (and ACTION) award goes to The Four Seasons!!  =)

Because to capitalize on the immense popularity of the BOOK – turned – MOVIE “Eat Pray Love” staring Julia Roberts, the Four Seasons has launched a “BALI, PRAY, LOVE” tour at their Jimbaran Bay resort.  This “DISCOVER” package comes complete with  a session with a healer mentioned in the book, as well as a cooking class and a guide to Bali’s most romantic places and more… As I write this, I am thinking of switching my New Years plans from Jamaica to the exotic island of Bali… and I’ve not even read the book!

My point is that they recognized opportunity, acted on it and will squeeze every drop of profit from it… and I – of course- applaud them for this!  So – cheers to you Four Seasons!  For the rest of us…  look around!!  What is the world we live in offering YOU  in opportunities to squeeze?


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Thank you to Beverly Lewis for reaching out to me on FACEBOOK with a question about Writing Powerful Copy:

Beverly… thank you for dubbing me the QUEEN of anything!! =) =) I did respond to her on facebook, but here is a slightly “extended” response:

First, the TOP resource for writing compelling copy is the people you are writing it FOR….

** So, FIRST – KNOW who you are talking to. Compelling, results-oriented, sales-worthy copy leaves NO ROOM for assumptions. NO ROOM! So, no matter how much you think you know, find out more.

Specifically, here is what you need to know:  What motivates the people you are talking to?

Where is their greatest PAIN?

What keeps them up at night?

What do they want most?

Many people will say I am a gifted speaker, or coach, or writer. What I am TRULY gifted in is the TRUTH… recognizing it… leveraging it…. Speaking it!

GREAT copy is rooted in YOUR MARKET’s reality… in THEIR truth… =) p.s. THANKS for the queenship! =)

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