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In my e-zine last week, I promised to roll out some great and FREE products for coaches. (Email me at michelle@womenwhowow.com to get your free resources!) Right now, I am putting the finishing touches on a “white paper” entitled, “The Proper Care and Feeding of a Prosperous Coaching Practice”. I know the coaching industry will love what I have put together, but it got me thinking….


A mentor once told me that “Business is a LOGICAL process. The only problem with it is that it has to be carried out by EMOTIONAL beings”. How True. Isn’t it logical that if we “properly care for” our businesses, they will grow? If we “PROPERLY care” for anything, it will grow and flourish. So, why does “business” seem so hard?

Well, for one… we listen to the wrong people who give us FAULTY information about HOW to care for a business in the first place. If our paid mentors (or free “mentors” who are way too easily accessible on the internet and overly anxious to dole out advice) convinced us that our cars ran on WATER, we would not get very far. Soon, we would be complaining about how our car wouldn’t work, wouldn’t start, was a bad idea, a lemon. All that time, all we needed was the TRUTH about our car. It runs on gas. Oh, okay… well now we can get moving.

The same scenario is true for our businesses. Business is logical… There are hard and fast rules that will allow you to put some fuel on your business goals. When you know what it TRULY takes to care for and nourish your business, you can get moving in the right direction.

If I could drown out all other “business gurus” in favor of ONLY THREE… here is who I would choose for YOU:

DAN KENNEDY, because he is brilliant, bold, harsh and always tells it like it is. He is PERSONALLY responsible for helping more people go from $0 to Millionaire status than anyone in the world.

STEVE CHANDLER, because he knows PEOPLE, and business. He is brilliant at the process of marketing one conversation at a time and will transform your business and your life if you let him. He eliminates fears, and his courage is contagious.

ME… because I listen to, learn from, implement and offer the best of EACH of these men… BUT, with a fresh perspective for a fabulously feminine audience! =)


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This past week, I had the opportunity to speak to two local job clubs about entrepreneurial thinking and how it applies to their job search.  As I looked around the room, I thought back to the It Factor Job Club members that preceded the ones I was now leading through this discussion. I looked into their faces and had to consider what I felt to be MOST important for a job seeker in our new, shaky economy. What determines who will come out “on top” and who will still be “searching” a year from now?
With much thought and internal dialogue I think I boiled it down to two essential traits that separate one group from the rest, regardless of their interest in being self-employed:
• A willingness to re-invent themselves to make sure they become relevant and indispensable resource to their potential employers.
• An opportunistic mindset that allows them (and compels them) to find opportunity in all circumstances.

Recently, I have grown close to a woman who embodies both of these traits, and has completely re-invented herself after a corporate lay-off. Her name is Laura Wayland and she is what I sometimes call an “accidental entrepreneur” – someone who stumbled into self-employment almost by accident.
No matter your goals or aspirations, she and her company http://www.auntieforhire.com are worth a second look. First, her current occupation has nothing to do with her “past life” in corporate America. Yet, she has been amazingly successful – largely through providing incredible service to each and every client. Next, her business was opportunistic in that it responded to a definite and under-served need in the marketplace. (She provides as-needed, part time childcare to the stay-at-home Mom, providing a mature childcare solution for date nights, vacations, and even doctors appointments.)

It has been some time now that her personal “On-Call Nanny” service has enjoyed a “booked solid” status. So, where would Laura- the “accidental entrepreneur” go from there? She expands, of course… teaching others how to start, enjoy and profit from their own on-call nanny business. She helps women who are interested in earning a living on their terms do just that while nurturing our next generation of leaders. “This isn’t a get rich quick scheme,” Laura warns “but it is an opportunity to create a healthy income or supplemental income on your terms.” Cheers to you, Laura!!

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