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A while back, I started posting on my blog about my parents… what I have learned from them, and made the argument that I don’t have to WAIT until I have the name recognition of Ivanka Trump to do this.  =) So, here’s another installment of that series!! 

I just got back from vacation with my parents and my brother and our families.  On the way home from the mountains, my husband said something that I wish my Dad could have heard him say.  He said, “You really do feel SAFE with your Dad around… You just know that he’ll make everything work out, and if it DOESN’T work out for whatever reason, it’s only going to end badly for him.” 

 Truth be told, I am the envy of so many women, because I have had that assurance my entire life… and still enjoy it today.  He goes by one of two nicknames:  The Make it Happen Man or SuperMan.  You can take your pick… I don’t think he’d argue with either one.  =) But, one thing that strikes me is how willing my Dad is to pay attention to the details… whether it’s in his marriage to my Mom… or on the job site… or with his kids… or even in the grocery store, he’s knows that every little thing “counts”. 

I’ll give you a perfect example.  On the way to the mountains, we stopped for groceries.  Here we were…rushing through WalMart with five kids and six adults – trying to buy enough for all three families.  We were rushing to get on the road in hopes of avoiding driving on the icy roads at night and while we were checking out, the bagging of the groceries was taking longer than we would hope. 

I saw my Dad’s wheels turning.  He watched and saw that the lady checking us out fumbled to open the grocery bags before filling them. Now, this MAYBE held us up about 1/2 of a second per bag… but it was something he could do to help out. And so he did.  He began opening each bag before she started to fill it.  In this way, we probably shaved off about 30 seconds of bagging time.  But that’s not the point. 

The point is that he noticed…and took action.  This is exactly why homeowners want HIS company building their new home, beach house, or outdoor entertainment area.  Because he pays attention to the details – all of them.  He leaves no stone unturned, and is always looking for a BETTER way to get the results he wants. 

In fact, all truly high achievers are consistently looking for small tweaks they can make to improve the outcome of a situation.  Olympic athletes are always aiming to shave off even a nano-second off of their best time.  Everyday heroes know that seconds matter, and in business – it would behoove us to begin sweating the small stuff again.  So, watch… and take action… no matter how small.


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Admittedly, the pic I chose for this post is a “vanilla” one, although cute enough. I passed over many, many very disturbing ones of grown men in diapers holding some tacky arrows – prentending to be cupid, I presume…..

Anyway, I am in the mountains of Virginia with my Mister – and the rest of our family – on a much needed get-away!

 Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I got to thinking how ROMANTIC the entrepreneur life is to me.  I mean, I absolutely love this stuff…

The courting of new clients and partners… the details and small things that make a huge difference… the COMMITMENT it takes to make your business strong… the thrill of doing new things together….

Am I the only one?  Or is your business ALSO a romance story??? =)

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