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The best success story ever written is… YOURS!!!  So, let’s create a fabulous story together in 2010.  Ready to be challenged?  Inspired?  Accountable?  Ready to set (and achieve) goals worthy of your best self?  ME TOO!! Join me on Planet WOW! for 2010. 

Contact me for details on group coaching / mastermind programs starting in January!  michelle@womenwhowow.com


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There are less than 30 days until we usher in a brand new year…. 2010 will be a year full of opportunity and possibility, but… there is still PLENTY of year left in 2009 – if you aren’t quite where you hoped you would be!

I hope that each of you set goals worthy of your best selves for this year…. Financial goals. Business Goals. Family Goals. Personal Goals. One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to plan specific goals for each area of your life.

In January, of course, this is a very exciting thing to do… set goals to acheive in the upcoming year. You have a blank slate, a “do over”… You are not “behind” – YET. =) You feel empowered to set goals and confident that you can reach them. Fast Forward to December 2nd, and, well…. It’s easy to get frustrated, overwhelmed, maybe even discouraged and disheartened. Our goals for 2009 may seem impossible with less than a month to go. This “stinking thinking” is simply B.S. Don’t buy into it.

Let me ask you a question… What have you done at this time of year in years past? Have you given up? Have you “let yourself off the hook” with secret promises to get back on track “after the holidays”? Not this year, WOW! Fa ctor  Entreprenurs … Not you. Not THIS year.

Have you ever heard of the 2 – minute drill in football? (Stick with me please… My husband is a “sports fanatic”, so I have to know this stuff…) It is an “alarm” that signals the beginning of the last 2 minutes of the game. And TOP teams – even if they are losing… ESPECIALLY if they are losing – do not resign themselves to losing. The impending END of the game motivates them to play harder … play smarter. They are playing to WIN. And MANY MANY points are won in the last two minutes of the game. MANY MANY games are won or lost in those last precious moments.

So, may I challenge you? I am officially sounding the 2 MINUTE ALARM. We have less than 30 days in 2009. So, dig up your goals.
•REMEMBER your excitement, your hope, and your confidence back in January.
•REFOCUS your efforts to ACCOMPLISH MORE in the last 29 days than you did in the previous 336. You CAN do it… but only if you start NOW!

Tick tock… Tick tock…. Tick tock…. =)

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