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S-T-R-E-T-C-H Marketing Clinic

Okay.. so the clinic is just about six weeks away, -MARK YOUR CALENDARS for  NOVEMBER 13th – and I am not sure of the name… But it is creating quite a buzz… so for now, we will just call it the “STRETCH” marketing clinic.  Here are some cool guarantees and answers to some questions that SHOULD be frequently asked…

  • Will this Marketing Clinic be as expensive as your private coaching?  A: NO!!! This is a clinic I am offering for just $279 AND…. if you pay attention to my blog and connect with me on facebook, I’ll personally pay $100 of your registration fee. 
  • How will this “CLINIC” be different than any other seminar I have paid money to attend and walked away disappointed?  A:  The answer to this could keep me here all day.  First, it is a Marketing Clinic that will dimiss any and all LIES  holding your business back.  For instance, if you are marketing for “exposure” (i.e. GET MY NAME OUT THERE) I will be able to show you (exactly) how to save your advertising money and begin marketing for PROFIT (i.e. Get my clients IN HERE!). 

Second, if you sense AT ALL that your money and time is being wasted, just say so at lunchtime!  My team will immediately refund your money and wish you well.  No questions asked, no hard feelings. 

LASTLY, and perhaps MOST IMPORTANTLY:  I do not offer one-night stands in my business, so although this will be a ONE DAY event, I will personally support you through the end of 2009.  In fact, I will do better than that.  In January, I am blocking off one full week to meet with EACH participant in the Clinic for private one-on-one coaching consultations…. just to make sure you kick off the new year profitably.

  • Why don’t you wait until January to have this event?  Well, the purpose of this event is to address the NUMBER ONE goal of small businesses:  to make a healthy profit.  To do this, we will S-T-R-E-T-C-H your thinking of what’s possible, S-T-R-E-T-C-H your view of profitable marketing, S-T-R-E-T-C-H the value of your business, S-T-R-E-T-C-H your marketing reach and S-T-R-E-T-C-H the value of your current customer base.  So…. why wait?  Why act like 2009 is over already?  Why not make more profit in the last MONTH of the year than in the previous months in the year?  Why WAIT until the new year is in full swing before planning for a profitable 2010? P.S.  You wont want to miss the LAST session of the day:  The Two Minute Drill.   (There is still a lot of profit left in 2009 for you… if you are willing to S-T-R-E-T-C-H!!)
  • Who should attend?  Any small business owner, entreprenuer or sales professional who has networked, advertised, twittered, facebooked, blogged, and/ or marketed and been SORELY disappointed with the results (i.e. MONEY IN THE DOOR – because that’s the point!) they have seen.   If you feel like you are just “not good at marketing”… if you have paid for marketing that didnt work… if you have networked neurotically and NOT seen increased profit from your efforts… if you feel “pregnant with potential”, but have YET to give birth to profit…. YOU NEED TO BE AT THE S-T-R-E-T-C-H MARKETING CLINIC!  
  • WHERE will the clinic be held?  Chesapeake, VA… Clinic will be held at the Marriott Springhill Suites in Greenbrier.  After Hours event will be held right next door at the ALoft Chesapeake. 
  • Speaking of S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G… I am having to S-T-R-E-T-C-H every dollar… So, what EXACTLY will be included in this Marketing Clinic?  So glad you asked:   Breakfast, Lunch, AFter Hours networking event with live music, Marketing Manual (with information you WON’T get anywhere else), world-class training in profitable marketing strategies (with a ruthless commitment to take-home-and-implement-me-now-for-more-profit strategies), 6 weeks of my WoW! Factor Monday Morning Make It Happen support program (NO EXTRA COST), and complimentary in -person, one-on-one consultations  with me in January!  Oh.. plus some other goodies and surprises I am cooking up! 
  • I am from out of town.  What about me?  I have worked out a fabulous accomodations package for you at my FAVORITE hotel of all time:  The ALoft.  They will pick you up from and return you to the airport (Norfolk International is closest.) and give you a fabulously cozy and ultra-modern room for just $59 a night. 
  • How can I register?  You can’t!!  Not yet, anyway. I am still ironing out and firming up all the details.  BUT, you can email me to make sure you get on my advanced notice list.  You’ll be the first to know when registration links are up and running…. So you can register EARLY and take advantage of ME paying $100 toward your registration fee. michelle@womenwhowow.com
  • What else?  I am not sure. Have I left anything out???  If so, shoot me an email and let me know!!

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Lately, I have constantly been reminded of the power we have inside each of us.  Today, I stumbled across a website that is dedicated to ending the abuse of elephants in captivity.  I have often wondered how these enormous giants were even KEPT in captivity in the first place.  The fences that keep them caged would crumble under their strength.  The ankle chain that keeps them shackled would snap with even a meagerly attempted yank. 

I looked into it a bit and found that captive elephants are trained into captivity as babies.  At that time, the fences are strong enough to keep them in.  At that time, the ankle shackles are strong enough to keep them bound.  Time after time, these fearless babies test their boundaries and fail to penetrate them.  Broken, they resign themselves to a life of captivity – and often – abuse. 

I have never found a more pitiful sight than that of a broken spirit… a person (or animal) with no hope, no fight, no vision, no true grasp of their value, their potential, their promise.  These elephants are – quite literally – ONE “try” short of freedom, yet they remain bound. 

Many of us are the same.  We allow past failures to rob us of future success.  We are captive to stories of what HASNT worked in the past… rather than excited about trying again. 

So… I am not sure what I can do for these elephants.  But, we can honor them by learning from them.   Here’s a great start:  What haven’t you tried in a while that just might work THIS TIME?  Do you really KNOW what you are capable of accomplishing?  Where are you BOUND business-wise?  What have you given up on??

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“There are those that make things happen,

Those that watch things happen,

And those that wonder what happened.”

Far too often, when I meet with entreprenuers, I realize that “waiting” is a major “activity” in their week.  Buying an ad and waiting.  Waiting for things to “turn around”.  Waiting to hear something.  Waiting for the right opportunity.  Waiting to get “in front of the right people”.   

This “waiting” game frustrates me because I know the truth.  The simple truth is this:  Wait and you will STARVE!     You see, the majority of people will wait.  They will wait for ideal conditions.  They will wait for the risk to diminish.  They will wait for SOMETHING to happen.  They will wait for good news.    Essentially, they are the “watchers” of what is happening, and they will not meet their goals. 

On the other hand, those who are pro-actively creating their own good news will thrive!!  These people, as Dr. Gene Landrum puts it, “draw for aces, but play what they have with panache and bravado.”  In short, they play the hand they are dealt and they stay in action.  Consider this: 

After losing EVERYTHING in a previous business endeavor, George Douglass sat in his empty living room needing cash FAST.  He took stock of the “aces” he had in his possession.  He had 83 copies of Think and Grow Rich and a few broken down auto-dialers.  How could he leverage the hand he was dealt?    He began calling insurance agents, mortgage brokers and real estate agents offering a free workshop on how to use auto -dialers for business success.  Anyone who attended his workshop received a copy of Think and Grow Rich .  He started fixing those auto-dialers and managed to sell eight of them and rent several more through his free workshop.  He got the cash he needed and began an entirely new business. 

George Foreman was a washed-up fighter before his “second act”.  My friend Sam Beckford (known around the world as The Small Business Millionaire) failed six times in business and, at one point, couldn’t afford groceries for his family.  Lee Milteer’s business took a nose-dive after 9-11.  So did Steve Chandler’s.  None of these people “waited” for things to happen or for things to change.  If they had, you and I would never have heard of them.  ALL of them made an unbreakable “deal” with themselves and committed to MAKING things happen instead of “waiting”. 

Steven Covey says, “We are responsible for our own effectiveness, for our own happiness.”  I would add, “We alone are responsible for our own success.”    

We can’t always control the hand we’ve been dealt.  But we can always control how we play it!   Play with confidence, boldness, bravado and panache! Play to win BIG!  The “pack” will wait.  To leverage your own “WOW Factor”, commit to doing the opposite!!

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Cute... but not in your business

Cute... but not in your business

Dan Kennedy uses a term called a “no weasel” clause guarantee to fill his live events.  Most people offer a guarantee that is essentially USELESS. 

Here’s an example:  Not satisfied??  No problem.  Simply let us know by the time the moon rises on the sixth day of Passover, submit a written explanation of your complaint delivered by personal messenger, and a time stamped credit card receipt of your purchase, and we will gladly refund an undisclosed portion of your money.

Instead, Dan offers a NO WEASEL clause guarantee.  In other words, if you are UNsatisfied for any reason, he will refund your money.  All you have to do is say so.  He won’t try to weasel out of his guarantee. 

Of course,  a powerful guarantee is a great selling tool.  But I have found that there is another way to be a “weasel” in our businesses.  This occurs when a business owner sets goals (plans, with deadlines) for themselves and then weasel out of their commitment to themselves.  This is one of the most detrimental (profit-wise) traps we can fall into as entrepreneurs.  We give OTHER PEOPLE’s deadlines “weight” and adhere to them… and then we weasel out of our own commitments to ourselves.  Join me , today, in saying NO MORE WEASELING!!!

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