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Yesterday, I stumbled upon a website that blasted pretty much EVERY well-known business guru out there…   This site basically tears apart the most well-respected marketers of our time.  Almost ALL of their products – he claims – are over priced and under-effective (compared to his own “business opportunity”, of course.)

He even had the audacity to pick on one of the truly “greats” of our time… the man responsible for coaching MORE first generation entrepreneur  millionaires than anyone else… the Millionaire Maker himself, Dan Kennedy.  (He did throw in a half-hearted suggestion that you buy at least ONE Dan Kennedy book…)  More business gurus on his hit list:  Frank Kern, Robert Allen, Carlton Sheets,etc.

Anyway, it got me thinking about my OWN entrepreneurial journey and the coaches / mentors I have had along the way.  Of course, I have my favorite…. my MOST effective coach and mentor.  (You can have access to him at www.clubfearless.net for just $19 per month!!)  BUT, who is my LEAST favorite?  This is an easy question to answer.

I have a business (and life) coach who is relentless… who “shows up” at the worst possible moment and who is always trying to “teach me a lesson”.  Truthfully, I have tried to fire this coach and walk away forever.   Still, he persists…. faithfully, patiently, skillfully… and I hate him, sometimes.  He is my LEAST favorite coach and his name is FAILURE.

Ben Stein wrote that “Failure is a patient teacher.”  How true.  FAILURE shows up – as a coach – to show me what won’t work… what I need to do differently… to teach me the value of persistance and creativity.  And I hate him.  But, I need not fear failure… or retreat to the perceived safety of my comfort zone to avoid him… or limit my action to not rub shoulders with him…

Instead, what if we all simply viewed failure as a success coach… as the toughest, most relentless and results-oriented coach we have ever known… and determined to profit from it -every time??


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Recently, I have had a few dealings with a business owner in our area. In our first “business deal”, we began talking about her business. I learned quickly that she knows all she needs to know about growing her business.

For instance, her marketing plan that particular weekend was to “ENCROACH upon all parents at the ball field and make sure they all had a flyer” about her business.  I recoiled when I heard her plan.  I envisioned a tiger ENCROACHING on its prey and shuddered at the thought of my own market being in that position.  It reminded me of the business owner who was furious her “prospects” refused to call her back… all while she refused to stop calling them.   She said that she would – generously –  let them “off the hook”… IF ONLY they would have the decency to call her back.  UGGG!

Before I go on, let me briefly define the word “encroach”. Encroach is a verb that means either:

  • to advance beyond proper, established, or usual limits OR
  • to trespass upon the property, domain, or RIGHTS of another.

I think it is safe to say MOST of us have been “encroached” upon by “knowledgeable” business owners like this before… and even safer to say we never bought from them.  😉  Here is a better way.  Rather than “getting a customer in order to make a sale”… how about looking at “making a sale as a way to gain a (life – long) customer”?  The two keys to this are:  SERVICE and RELATIONSHIP.  No “encroaching” necessary!

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