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Short on ACTION…

“When you are short on ACTION… you are probably short on CASH as well.”   – B. Michelle Pippin

“Action is eloquence.” – Shakespeare

“Just do it.” – Nike

“Nothing happens until something Moves.” – Einstein


ACTION… It is the “Ultimate Success Secret” – Dan Kennedy


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 Sex sells.  We have all heard this “truth”, but how, exactly?  HOW does “sex sell”?  Well, I spent the weekend with a call girl to, um, pick her brain.  More on that later….

If you are like many of my private clients….

*** you may be wondering how to do this thing “right”… I mean, you know you are fabulous at what you do… your clients LOVE you…  and others seem to be prospering in your field.  What gives?

*** You have probably at one time or another described your business as in a phase of “FEAST or FAMINE”.  You might get JUST ENOUGH work to get you hopeful and excited – but then… you guessed it FAMINE time comes around again. 

***  You have bought the “systems”… which offered a LOT of GREAT information and tips, but in the end your business remained largely unchanged

*** YOu network all the time, but to little ($$$)avail … AND

*** You may have even purchased expensive paid advertising – anywhere from $15 to $1500 or MORE – with little or no results.

I have to say that I have ABSOLUTELY been there…. ABSOLUTELY.  And when I was there, this one question kept coming up, “HOW DO PROSTITUTES AND CALL GIRLS AND DRUG DEALERS MARKET THEMSELVES?”  After all…

*** they provide either a product or a service. 

*** Getting their “name out there” is not an option as it is DANGEROUS (legally) – BTW, there is NO VALUE whatsoever in “getting your name OUT there”.  The only value is in getting YOUR customers IN HERE to you.

*** They cant’ PAY for any advertising, AND

***  I have NEVER been approached by one of these “black market” entrepreneurs at a lame networking event or Chamber meeting. 

YET… there are uber-successful (financially speaking) people in all of these black market “industries”.  So, how do they do it?

Well, you all know I work with small business “victims”… advertising victims…victims of “system purchases”… victims of networking neurosis… victims of analysis paralysis….. You all know that I don’t talk like other business coaches out there.  P.S.  This is a good thing – because MOST of what people teach you about business is WRONG!!  🙂

Good news:  Tomorrow, I am releasing a free report – but only to the members of my Wow! Factor community!  It is all about my “weekend with a call girl”… You don’t have to pay to be a member, you just have to subscribe on my website – www.womenwhowow.com.   (NOTE:  I specifically work with SERVICE-based businesses… but if your business is  product-based, you will STILL benefit from being a member.   Join anyway!!)



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“If you aren’t afraid of dying, there is nothing you can’t achieve” – Lao Tzu

In addition to being led by the great Steve Chandler, I think that “Club Fearless” resonates with me so much because I went through a season in which I was truly afraid of everything. “Listen in” on a letter I wrote to him recently after studying the book of Esther in the Bible:


….My family went through a period of time in which we were hit month after month by one life-altering tragedy after another. Literally, when the phone rang, we all jumped. 

I was in college at the time, and literally on my own for the first time ever.  Financially, emotionally, relationally.   Every morning I got in my car to go to school or work and thought, “Today could be the day for me.”  While that sounds incredibly pitiful, it eventually gave me such power and confidence… Because there was a moment when that became “okay” with me. 


I fully accepted death – even MY death – as a part of me living.  There was no way I could control it, or reel it in, or make it cower to my wants or wishes or fears.  I simply sat in my car one day, and the very common thought came back to me, “This could be the day for me.”  One day,  I remember turning the ignition on defiantly and thought, “Yep.”  But this time, it was with a smile… with a feeling of victory and acceptance.  Simply, “Yep… it sure could be”. 

Suddenly, it meant nothing any more.  The fear of death had lost all of its power over me.  There was no counseling, or coaching, or debating or Bible study.  It was a simple acceptance. …..

Truly, when you are no longer afraid of dying, you can achieve ANYTHING.  To living fearlessly, courageously, boldly and authentically!  To EACH of US!!



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A while back I blogged about Michael Phelps, and how his “extra stroke” won him the gold.  I saw the “disgraced” olympian  on TV the other night, along with the rest of the nation.  While his publicist-written letter of “regret” was clearly “well-penned”, I hesitate to believe he TRULY regrets his “mistake”.  In fact, I am not sure it was a mistake at all… I mean, you can look at the picture itself and tell that he was pretty comfortable with his fancy monogrammed glass bong and favorite herb.  ** grin **  Clearly, the “masses” publicly condemn the use of marijuana – many I am sure while using it privately themselves.  Just like our good friend, Michael Phelps.  But, SHOULD he really  be “regretful”?  What do the experts say?

Well, the “experts” over at www.abovetheinfluence.com say that marjuana causes “poor motor coordination”, “decreased energy and ambition”, “higher incidence of depression”, and an “impaired ability to communicate and relate to others”… Yet, Michael Phelps won our hearts with his authentic communication style and loving relationship with his family… He broke olympic records (negates the decreased energy and ambition hype) and hardly seems depressed.   Hmmm…

Now, I’m not asking everyone to run out and join your local NORML group, but I do have ask, “What else have the experts been wrong about?”  and HOW does all of this relate to YOUR success in our new economy?

  • In 1912, Professor Michael Foch concluded that “Airplanes have no military value.
  • In 1977, the CEO of DEC Computers assured us that “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home.”
  • Walt Disney’s brother, along with other media experts told him that “An amusement park with pirates and Indians is the stupidest idea you have ever had.”  He was also told that Mickey Mouse was a lousy idea. 
  • JP Morgan told Alexander Graham Bell that his invention “was without merit”. 
  • When Ted Turner invested $100 Million of his own money to put 24-hour news on the air (welcome:  cable tv), the Washington Post wrote, “The industry doubts Ted Turner knows his ass from a hole in the ground.  It can’t be done.”    Of course, he was worth $10 Billion in less than 10 years. 

Unfortunately, it takes almost an entire generation gap before people are willing to dispell the previous generation’s truth as MYTH and create a new “truth”.   In fact, most experts (and those who are funding them) have such a psychological (and $$) investment  in their “findings”, they RARELY – if ever- admit they are wrong.  So, what does this have to do with success???? 

Everything.  The “success system” I use with the most consistency can be summed up very quickly and can be used whether you are working in a large corporation, a solopreneur working from home… or whether you represent one of the growing  options in between. 

“Look at what everyone else is doing and saying.  Take note of how they are acting and what the gurus are saying you should do.  Listen to ALL of the “experts” of your time and then DO THE OPPOSITE.  Because in the words of the great Millionaire-Maker himself… The majority is ALWAYS wrong.

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Summer Lauryn

Summer Lauryn

This is my beautiful ten year old girl, Summer Lauryn.  When she was only three years old, “ANGI” became the difference between life and death for her.  Let me explain. 

About seven years ago, Summer was diagnosed with lymphangioma behind her eye.  While this was a HUGE BLOW… requiring many (scary, largely unsuccessful) trips to CHKD and the Childrens Hospital in Boston, we eventually discovered that her condition was totally manageable.  (Thank you Bryon of www.virginiabeachacupuncture.com. ) 

But yesterday, our church (www.famchurch.net) was dedicated to a young lady named Meghan.  At twenty years old, she lost her battle with “lymphoma”.   My immediate thought was how unbelievably thankful I am that Summer’s doctors didn’t diagnose LYMPHOMA instead of LYMPHangiOMA.  Just four little letters, but an enormous difference none the less.

There are so many “lessons” to take from this story.  If you knew anything about Meghan, her faith, her fighting spirit… you would know that I could NEVER do the “story” justice.  But, my first thought was, “What a difference four little letters can make.”

Truthfully, in life – as in business – it is always the small things that make the difference.   Take three minutes to watch that 212 degrees movie (again)…. And remember the difference one degree – or four little letters – can make.

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