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Okay…. we all know the statistics…   By what date do they say the VAST majority of New Years resolutions are broken by???  It really doesn’t matter, because with my F*REE (re)Solutions Sisters Program, even when you break your resolution… SOMEONE still wins.
Here is how it will work. 
1)  EMAIL ME (resolutionsisters@yahoo.com) with your RESOLUTION or goal, and a DEADLINE to reach that goal.  (The deadline must be NO LATER than April 15th.)   
2)  Tell me HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WILL DONATE TO CHARITY if you break or do not reach your goal.
3.)  On Thursday, January 22nd,  I will announce each of your goals – with your name and business name (unless you wish to be anonymous) – to our entire community of Women who WOW! 
4.)  The week of your deadline, I will personally be calling to see HOW YOU DID!! (And to collect if you fell short!!  🙂 )  PLUS…
  • If you reach your goal, I will profile your business in this e-zine, AND
  • I will give you $100 WOW! bucks just for participating – to be used towards any of my soon-to-be-released coaching packages or mastermind groups.
In this way, we can cheer each other on… hold each other accountable and support those in need at the same time!!!  Here is some more information:
You can enter MORE than one goal or resolution with their own deadline… but no more than three, please.   ALL participants must send me their goal or resolution no later than January 22nd.  All monies collected will be donated to www.ucantbeatkids.org during Child Abuse Prevention Month, which is April.  There is no minimum “penalty” fee or donation.   Please send all emails to resolutionsisters@yahoo.com

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Yep….  Gap is closing 85 stores.   But 2009’s first quarter economic “bloodbath” certainly doesnt end there.   Ann Taylor…. 117 stores.  Sprint – Nextel… closing 125 stores.  Wilson’s Leather, 158 stores.  Foot Locker, 140 stores.  Bombay, 384 stores.  Home Depot, 15 stores.  Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug, 150 stores. 

These are just a few of the disappearing stores listed in this month’s “NO BS MARKETING LETTER.”  Because my “calling card” is AUTHENTICITY,  I just  want to “talk”  to you for a moment… No positioning, no posturing, no attempt to sound smarter than I am :-), just a quick confession-based letter from my heart.  If you don’t read anything else I send to you this year, I hope you will read this.   
I got Dan’s NO BS Letter in the mail yesterday and the multi-page newsletter opened up with all of these store closings… 1956 in all – NOT including those that closed their doors at the end of 2008.  There was a time when the death of these HUGE-NAME stores would have scared me to death.  But, I have to say, becuase of another book I am reading (The Innovative Mind) I was actually PLEASED to hear of these large – chain store closings. 
Here is why:  I am a committed optimist.  I have been known to be called rediculously optimistic (and worse, of course.)   Anyway, I have long seen this economic “crisis” as a breeding ground for prosperity and growth in my own business.  I just felt it in my bones, but what do I tell YOU?   WHY would I feel so optmistic when circumstances are causing the masses to cringe in anticipation of the worst?  What do I base my optimism on? Just a feeling?  What can I base the following statement on:  EVEN THOUGH THE BIG NAME, WELL – FUNDED CHAIN STORES ARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, YOU CAN STILL BE SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE. 
With all due respect to my own intuition, I needed to come to you with MORE.  Today, we need MORE than simple “intuition” right now.  We are SICK of prosperity “preachers” – both religious and secular – and we want something more “substantial” than optimism.  While ALL wildly successful and prosperous people are optimists and this practice certainly warrants our study and attention… right now – We need answers and solutions. 
So back to my business as a coach… there is much less competition right now as the business “herd” in general begins to thin dramatically.  (This is true for all of us no matter what profession or industry we are in.)  Those businesses left are ready to do something completely different to secure their share of the market.  A business coach, they know, is a great step in this direction.  As customers begin thinking harder (and longer) about their purchases, businesses will want a coach to help them leverage all they have in order to do some good ole’ fashioned relationship marketing.  More and more people will be forced to “go out on their own” as unemployment rises, and won’t be able to afford a long learning curve to profitability.  Where expensive print ads FAIL, a business coach is the bridge to wild success.   
But, what about other businesses?  The bookkeepers?  The personal trainers?  The massage therapists?  The real estate agents and mortgage brokers?  The technology companies?  The health coaches?   The speakers?  Those in the entertainment industry? The photographers?  The wedding planners?  Those in retail?  What about them?  
In short, the SAME is true for all of us.  Right now, Dan Kennedy says that a “renaissance of the independently owned, local business is underway.”  I believe him.   Not only because he is a genuis in these matters, but because I have been “following” him for years and have NEVER known him to predict an economic trend that did NOT come to fruition.  NEVER.  But, today, another man has confirmed my optimism about THIS economy. 

In his book, The Innovative Mind, Dr. Gene Landrum addresses why big corporations and large companies will fail in this economy.  Essentially, today’s economy demands INNOVATION, he says, which is defined as being willing to destroy what IS, to create what is NOT.  He goes on to say that this “creative destruction will be too ungovernable for modern [companies] to tolerate”. 


It is HERE we find HOPE.  While the “big names” are worshiping tradition and resisting change, we can embrace change and become agile.  While they remain steeped in bureaucracy and commit to protecting the status-quo, we can be BOLD, CREATIVE, and PRO-ACTIVE. While they analyze and seek approval, small companies – LIKE OURS-  can take action and seek a profit. 


THIS is why Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and Estee Lauder outperformed their “bigger” competitors.  THIS is why we have just cause to be optimistic and allow our actions to follow suit.   Because in the end, optimism (or pessimism) will – ultimately – guide our actions. 


If we are optimistic about our ability to prosper in today’s economy – NO MATTER WHAT – our actions will display our optimism to the world. Likewise, if we feel like there is “nobody buying”, our actions will betray our pessimism.  We will make less calls, and make less sales attempts.  If we are optimistic, our ACTIONS will go up.  
So, I gotta ask you:  If OPTIMISM was the “charge”, would there be enough evidence in your actions to convict you?   As you go through the rest of this week, here are some quotes to keep you moving:


“When you are short on ACTION,

You will likely be short on CASH” – B. Michelle Pippin


“Get out there and sell something.  America needs the business.” – Zig Ziglar



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Brian Whetton, Founder of Core Coaching

Brian Whetton, Founder of Core Coaching

WARNING:  I am completely UNqualified to write this blog post!! Take it for what its worth!! =)



Brian Whetton of www.corecoaching.org recently sent out a coaching “e-nugget” that really got me thinking.  Here are some powerful thoughts from Brian:

  The greatest strength of capitalism is its unparalleled capacity for economic expansion.   At the same time, every great strength comes with an equal challenge.  And the current crisis is exposing capitalism’s root challenge…  The greatest challenge of capitalism is its addiction to economic expansion.

  Above all else, this crisis was created by an almost ubiquitous level of denial.  It was created by the most expensive words in finance, “this time it’s different.”  This addiction isn’t just a problem with the people on Wall Street.  Or the people who took out a mortgage they couldn’t afford.  Or the people who got up to their eyeballs in credit card debt.  It’s the core challenge of the system itself.

Our entire financial system is based on the root assumption that the economy will continue expanding – that there will be more money tomorrow than there is today.  How are we funding our retirements?  Through the assumption that money we invest in the stock market will grow, because there will be more money tomorrow than today.  How do banks make money?  By selling interest bearing loans.  And what allows us to take out a loan?  Our assumption that we’ll have more money tomorrow than we do today.  Why is our government able to create trillions of dollars in new debt?  Because of the assumption that there will be more money tomorrow than there is today.


With all of these denial-based assumptions… I have to revert to my aunt’s favorite quote, “To ASS-U-ME makes and ASS out of U and ME.”  🙂  Seriously, all of these assumptions are not based upon any action or value on the part of Americans.  We just ASSUME there will be more money.  Much like the employee that simply expects a RAISE for doing the SAME job, adding the SAME value for one additional year.  No, No, No!! 

Steve Chandler promises that our INCOME will go up in direct proportion to the VALUE we add to the world.  What is required to take CAPITALISM to the next level is a MERGER with CREATIONISM.  No more assumptions… We can’t assume the government will bail us out…. We can’t assume that the resources of our great nation are infinite.  We can’t assume that the big wigs in Washington can pull us out of this one.. while we sit back on our ASSUMPTIONS.  

We must CREATE… Create more value.  Create innovative solutions.  Create a culture of “self – reliance”  rather than a culture of “GROSS DEPENDENCY”.   BTW, if you haven’t joined the waiting list for Steve Chandler’s CLUB FEARLESS…  do so right now…. Go HERE to get put on the waiting list:  http://www.stevechandler.com/ClubFearless.html

Anyway, I believe capitalism can raise our country to NEW HEIGHTS when we STOP buying the assumption of EXPANSION and start CREATING it.  You in???

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