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One of Obama’s stated goals is to add 5-million new jobs over ten years.  His plan?  A combo of creating jobs through infrastructure, green technology, and also some “restructuring” of private enterprise that will allow the numbers to show “transferred” jobs as “new”.   Anyhow, creating 5 million new jobs is a worthy and lofty goal.  But, Obama… I have such a simplistic plan for you.  So, if you are listening, here it goes:

BTW, this idea came from Dan Kennedy’s NO BS Marketing Letter.  If you aren’t getting your copy, shame on you!   =)

There are only 1700 large businesses in America.  If each of these large companies (instead of downsizing) added 10 new employees, we would have only created 170,000 new jobs.   However, there are (roughly) 24 – million small businesses in the U.S.  If ONLY the TOP 20%… most forward thinking, most growth-minded, most committed entrepreneurs… added just ONE NEW employee, well…   that would instantly create 4.8 million jobs. Mission accomplished!  =)  I am wondering if any of his “expert economic advisors” will show him this little snippet of truth before enacting any higher tax penalties for this top 20%.

The following, I will quote directly from one of the most brilliant economic minds of our time:  Dan Kennedy.

“…Just get out of small business’ way….. [the only] endangered species we need to worry about is the guy or gal running a small business… beleagued at every turn… You know this song.  You don’t need the sheet music.  Incredibly the spirit of the entrepreneur is so resilient, we stubbornly get up each morning, polish our swords, and head out the door, no matter how the fire-breathing dragon population may have multiplied overnight.  Now thats the REAL audacity of hope.  Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to slay the dragons we go.  And it’s a damned good thing we do, because if those 24-million small businesses all elminiated just one job each, that’ll be 24-million folks added to the unemployment rolls overnight.  Ooops.  So we can all be grateful for each other and our shared insanity…. So, if nobody else has said thanks to you this month for being Atlas and carrying the economy on your shoulders, I have.  Please don’t shrug.” Love it, Mr. Kennedy.  And thank YOU… for ruthlessly leading the charge of ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide.


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“It’s not that women can’t dance, its that women are waiting to be asked.” ~ Marie Wilson

I read this quote from the former President of the Ms. Foundation for Women in a recent edition of O Magazine and it instantly got my attention.  In my own life, my own journey to success, my own relationships, in EVERYTHING… I have learned that the word “waiting” (when it stands alone) is many things:

  • It is wimpy…
  • It is powerless…
  • It is devoid of action…
  • It is not results-oriented…
  • It is “safe” and (seemingly) without risk…

For me… it has been a poisonous word… as I “waited” to market myself until I was ready… as I “waited” for someone to acknowledge my “gifts”… as I “waited” for the “right time”…  In December I am hosting a very intimate retreat for 6 women entrepreneurs and I will be openly sharing my own vulnerable and almost debilitating relationship with the “strategy” of “waiting”.    For now, however, I simply want to say that WAITING (if it stands alone) is not a strategy.  WAITING robs us of our most valuable resource:  our time, and often times our confidence. 

When I was eighteen, my family and I endured a series of tragedies.  During this time, I learned that time was finite.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.. and if we are, in fact,  blessed with tomorrow… it could look very different than today.  So, don’t wait!  Get out there and dance the dance that is uniquely YOU!  Dance like no one is looking!  Don’t wait to be called off the bench.  Boldly walk out of the dugout onto your own Field of Dreams. 

Before I close this one… let me go ahead and “head off” the comments from my sister entrepreneurs and executives in Christ.  🙂  Waiting on the Lord IS a strategy…  it is different from just “stand alone” waiting… but only if it is accompanied by prayer, and preparation!!

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While I personally was upset with the outcome of our recent election, my unwaivering commitment to our great nation demands my respect and support for whomever is in the White House.  Obama was not my choice, but he is now my President Elect, and deserves my respect. (and yours.)  In last  month’s issue of Pink magazine, Michelle Obama had something soooo RIGHT ON to say… She said, “Follow your heart and do what makes you happy. Don’t let other people push you into something that isn’t fundamentally you.”

I couldn’t agree more whole-heartedly with this one comment. Yet, women I speak to try continuously to do things that aren’t fundabmentally “them”. We build businesses in a way that we hope we don’t have to sustain, “when we make it”. We climbed corporate ladders (in heel, no less) in a way that we hope to “change” when we “get there”…

Authenticity is the key to your success.  It is so rare, you will always stand out… always succeed… always persevere… when you are who you are.  Period.  Plus… you’ll have a lot more fun in the “journey”.  🙂

I would love to hear from you:  What one area of your life could you infuse with more “authenticity”?  Is it sales? Marketing?  Networking? Relationships at work?  Is it at home, maybe?

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Today, I again have the joy of working as I usually do…. in a comfy chair at a groovy little coffee shop not far from my kids’ school.  I am looking out at the drizzling rain and sipping a delicious cup of coffee.  It is hard to differentiate between the steam from my cup and the steam from my ears!  =)

There is a father here with two children.   I am not sure of his purpose.  He has already gotten his coffee, and now wonders back and forth – the length of the entire shop hollering the kids names!  The children’s purpose is quite clear, however:  destroy, disrupt, and do whatever the heck they want!  Currently, the girl has run behind the counter and into the kitchen, while the young boy has climbed onto a patrons table and is trying to type on the man’s computer.  The poor man doesn’t know who to get first, so the nice barista has helped out and is trying to convince the girl (less than 2 years old) to leave her kitchen.  This is just a moment’s snapshot… as this type of behavior has gone on for about 30 minutes now. 

With all due respect, I would never call these kids “BRATS”… (The title was just to get your attention!)  Seriously, there are no “bratty kids”… only unwilling parents.  Parents unwilling to exert authority.  Parents lacking confidence in their ability to parent.  Parents unwilling to win a few “battles”… so they can ultimately win their child’s respect. 

All this gets me thinking though… I can think back to when my own professional behavior was equally “disruptive”, “disorderly” and without true purpose or direction.  Today, I wonder what opportunities I missed…. due to my own lack of willingness to exert FINAL authority over my business and career…. due to my own unwillingness to win a few “battles” to gain major ground…  Today I decide:  Never again!

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