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My friend and mentor Steve Chandler has a great saying, “If it were that important, you’d be measuring it.”  So, what are you measuring and tracking in your business?   Something phenomenal happened when I joined the “Pheonix Nine” Mastermind in May.  We began to track our progress… Our business activities and numbers… You wouldn’t believe the breakthroughs when you combine “measurement” of your progress AND accountability.  So… what are you measuring in your business?   Your contacts?  Your sales?  Your income?  And who is holding you accountable? 


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Got WOW? Campaign

Okay ladies… it’s time for you to share with the world what gives YOUR company its WOW factor?  What do you offer that is unique?  Why do your clients love you?  Don’t forget to link back to your site so the search engines can love you too!!!  Got WOW?

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Welcome to the Women Who WOW blog!  I am so pleased that you have stopped by.  My intention is to give you lots of useful content for building a business that makes you (and others) say WOW, as well as how to live Courageously and Authentically!!  I am honored to have you here and look forward to your comments!  

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